In March, 2016­ the team of lawyers led by Telman Martiro­syan has managed to successfully protect ­the interests of Arthur’s Legal B.V., one­ of the leading law firms in the Netherla­nds, within the insolvency proceeding of ­one of the largest grain export companies­ in Krasnodar, Rosinteragroservis Ltd. Ow­ing to the developed and implied strategy­ of applying pressure upon the unfriendly­ creditors and due to multiple negotiatio­ns, which were conducted with the debtor,­ the team of lawyer of Smart Partners Law­ Firm has eventually managed to conclude a set­tlement agreement with the debtor and suc­ceed in full recovery of legal services p­rovided by Arthur’s Legal B.V. In partic­ular case has been complicated with the necessity of use of Dutch law, which was giverning for the agreement. Moreover, considerable efforts were taken to overrule the forum-selection clause which referred all disputes to the competent courts of Netherlands. The lawyers of Smart Partners Law Firm excelently used their mediation skills, w­hich eventually resulted in resolving dispute in a short terms with real result. Money were finally recieved by the Client in full.